What is Geotag Security and How it Helps to Protect Your Family

Did you know that when you share photos online, you put your privacy at stake – more then you imagine?

Your photos can tell everyone who’s watching them

  • where you live
  • where you spend your time
  • when there is noone home
  • where you park your car
  • and other information that you wouldn’t want to tell

How it happens?

When you make a photo with smartphone or camera, it’s more then just an image. Most modern smartphones and some cameras can add geo tags – information about exact location where photo has been made. And anyone watching your photo can get it.

How you can protect yourself?

You can turn off GPS feature on your phone, but you might need it for navigation. And it won’t help you if you get images with geotags from other sources – such as your friends.

The best way to make sure there are no geotags in your photos is to run a free scan with Geotag Security. How it works?

  • Download Geotag Security
  • Select a folder to check
  • Geotag Security will scan a folder, find any image files with geotags and remove them

How you can protect your family?

If you don’t want to compromise your family privacy with photos revealing location, you need to make sure that no member of your family is sharing photos with geotags. It is very easy to do with Geotag Security PRO. You just need to install it to all computers in your household and make it monitor folders where photos are kept. So now when a new photo with geotag gets into this folder, Geotag Security PRO will remove geotags.

Download your copy of Geotag Security and run a free scan.

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Welcome to Geotag Security Blog

It all started at August 11, 2010, when I first read an article in NY Times about Adam Savage who had revealed his home address by simply posting a photo of his car in front of his house – a photo with geotags. And I thought – if a host of “MythBusters”, a science show, a person who is supposed to be tech savvy has compromised his privacy, what to say about not so tech savvy users? We are professionals in batch image processing. Can we do something to help people?

And so now – a little more then a month later – here we are. Happy to present you Geotag Security, a program that is intented to help users avoid revealing private information about their location by removing geotags from photos. All you need to do is to scan folder with photos you want to share before uploading them. We did our best to make it clear to understand and easy to use.

Share consciously,
Laisan Shafikova

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We know What You Did Last Summer?

And so do the rest of people with access to your online pictures!


While we are in no mood to pull off a light one on you, we want to share a common mistake that most travelling enthusiasts and bloggers commit.

Leaving geo tags on for easy trailing and break ins.

Did you know that with very geo tag enabled picture, you leave information about:

  • Where you stay
  • Your frequented places
  • Timing of moving to and fro different places
  • Where your car is parked
  • Other spatial and temporal information you wont like to share

What it means is you let people

  • Follow you
  • Stalk you
  • Steal from you
  • Spy on you

You might ask HOW!

Geo tags store your spatial information and embed them in your images captured through latest smart phones or any GPS enabled devices. And as we all love tagging and titling the pictures, we end up leaving address of our workplace, our house and places we visit for people we don’t want to update.

How GeoTag Security Can Help Protect Your Family

GeoTag Security is a powerful software programmed to sniff out geo tags on your hard disk and delete them before you share images online. All you need to do is:

  • Download GeoTag Security free of cost
  • Pick the folder you want scanned for geo tags
  • GeoTag Security removes geo tags from the pictures

Ain’t that simple?

If you like the software and want to spreads its magic to all your family members, you can upgrade the free version to PRO version where you get added benefits such as regular monitoring and five licenses for the cost of one.

So, download the free copy now unless you want us to hear ‘hey Andy, we know what you did this summer!’

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Top Reasons Why You Need GeoTag Security PRO

GeoTag Security is a powerful software built to save you from the many hazards that geotags can unleash on you. Right from deleting geotags from image folders to ensuring that every new image is scanned for unsecured geotags, GeoTag Security Pro provides an ongoing protection for as many as 5 different PCs at the price of one.

To make protection even more convenient, Pro users enjoy a dedicated customer service through email.

Get Responsible Towards Yourself

Blame it on the latest ‘pictures-say-it-all’ social media phenomenon, people love uploading most current pictures, without realizing the amount of risk they make themselves vulnerable to.

Embed in these pictures are geotags, if the pictures have been captured through a GPS enabled device. With these geotags and pictures’ title people who want to track your where about can do that, easily.

Here is how

You go to drop your kid to school and one fine morning when the weather is at its best, you take out your latest GPS enabled phone and pick your darling in arms to rub cheeks and capture that perfect smile on her face.

Next thing, you launch your blog and upload the picture while you see your little one walking towards the school gate and in. What you don’t realize is this:

  • With this latest picture you sent out a major routine out in the open, people now know that you drop your little one at a certain time
  • With geotags, people can know which school your little one goes to.
  • Most unfortunately for you, they can assess what time your home is empty and most easily broken into.

Geotags are longitudinal and latitudinal values of the place an image is captured and can help people track your whereabouts, your routine and places you frequent.

What you need in this case is our software: GeoTag Security PRO.

  • It removes geotags from all the images of the selected folder.
  • It offers ongoing security. You won’t have to keep selecting the folder and scanning them. The software does it automatically.
  • It offers 5 licenses for the price of one. We understand that monitoring pictures of all your family members is essential in providing true security.
  • It offers dedicated customer service for any question you might have.

So if you ready to get more responsible towards yourself, simply download a free copy of GeoTag Security and update it for the PRO features when you are ready.

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Are You a Happy feet and an Instant Blogger?

Then get ready to be looted, and then don’t say ‘Mama didn’t tell!’

If travelling is in your blood and your fingers can’t help but click everything that comes your way and you love telling the world your whereabouts by updating your pictures instantaneously on your blogs, get ready to get looted!!!!

Now don’t be surprised if this suddenly looks like a live snippet from a James Bond flick because trailing with the help of your pictures has, for long, been in picture. It just could be that you were not aware for so long and inadvertently sponsoring your own disaster.

Now let’s tell you how it works!

Geotags, invented to help virtual positioning software such as Google map, Google Earth, Google search engine and host of other search engine, are the culprit.

Geotags as their primary function store the spatial information through longitudes and latitudes. With the help of these geotags, software can easily mark the location of the place image was taken at. With such information available as freely as the internet, you can imagine what mess it can get you in if they fall in wrong hands. Continue reading

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How To Set Up Geotag Security PRO?

We just did not make a software that is powerful but one that is easy to use right from the time you click on ‘Download’.

GeoTag Security Pro helps you protect from possible

  • Stalkers
  • Spies
  • Thefts
  • Trailing et al

As we understand that monitoring geo tags on just one PC doesn’t take care of the entire family, we offer 5 licenses for the cost of one. That means for $19.95, you get 5 licenses, ensuring that everyone in your family has a copy of GeoTag Security PRO on their PC. This makes it less than $4 for a single PC.

Ask yourself is that too much for your security?

Security can get any more economical than GeoTag Security Pro!

Lets us now guide you through the simple process of going PRO. It’s really as simple as 1.2.3. Continue reading

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Using GeoTags Judiciously

Isn’t this super cool that with geo-tags you can tag your images on the globe in few clicks? Think of this advantage as a businessman. People around the world can see where your business operates. Platforms such as Google’s Earth can mark your location precisely to every longitude and latitude. Google’s search engine can use geo-tags to suggest your business to people searching in your area and Google Maps can pin point your precise location.

Considering so many benefits, aren’t Geo-tags the best thing to happen for your business? Right!


Life definitely gets a lot better with geo-tags however a little careless on your part can convert this convenience into a nightmare.

Keep in mind, information on net, until restricted, is visible for all. For those ambushing, geo-tags can leave important trails, precise locations and even a fair idea of your travelling habits; leaving your property vulnerable to unfortunate accidents.

Extracting Mileage from Geo-Tags without Compromising on Security

The key to using geo-tags lies in striking the right balance between what information needs to be displayed and shared with online platforms and what not.

  • Business location: This definitely should be shared. Sharing geo-tags help search engines and globe tagging platforms to display your business and help people search according to their locations or even locate your address graphically. Try uploading few pictures of your workplace and tag them on Google Earth and Google Maps.
  • Service area: Try uploading pictures of areas that your business operates in. This can increase your visibility and leave a clear indication that you offer service in those areas.
  • Personal address: AVOID using geo-tags for your home. You do not want to tell the world that you are not available at your home during work hours and at the same time leave your exact address as well.

Therefore once you have uploaded your business pictures, you can try GeoTag Security. It’s a freeware and can be downloaded with a single click. Using GeoTag Security can ensure that all pictures, except the ones that you want to carry GeoTags, do not carry geo tags. GeoTag Security ensures that there are no pictures with geo tags on your hard-disk. It detects geo tags all over the hard disk and with authorisation, deletes them too. Whats more, the software is absolutely free of cost.

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How You make Spying On Yourself Easy

Don’t be surprised if you get blamed for helping people spying on you and tracking your travelling habits by leaving trails and maps!

Because in reality, you are doing this if you have a GPS enabled camera.

GPS Enabled Mobile Phones Embed Location’s Information in Your Images

Don’t you love your new GPS enabled phone that tells you precisely where you are and helps you find way when lost.

But do you know that these GPS enabled devices store geo tags for every image you capture through them and leave trails for people who may want to follow you or stay updated of your current location?

Most GPS enabled image capturing devices, be it the mobile phones or cameras, embed geo-tags in the images captured on them. Geo-tags are spatial information of the place an image is captured at.

With geo tags, one can easily track down locations and if there is a pattern, identify your travelling habits or get a clear idea of your current location; clearly leaving your isolated home or other properties vulnerable to theft or damage.

The Bane of One Click Publishing

In blogosphere , real time blogging has become the latest craze. Ever since Facebook and Twitter started, people love to tell the world what they are doing. With camera phones and GPRS, uploading real time pictures has become even easier. You click and upload, as easily as drinking nice smoothies.

Just as how quickly you upload your current picture, you leave information about your current location; giving a heads up to those with other intentions than just browse your pictures.

To help avoid all this, we suggest you use a freeware called ‘GeoTag Security’. Built from the ground up to ensure that no geotags get uploaded on social networking sites or anywhere on the internet, GeoTag Security detects and deletes all the geo tags from your images on the hard disk. It however doesn’t do everything on its own. You can leave out images you want to carry geo tags.

As most times, people click you than you clicking yourself, it is crucial that you spread information about such freeware. Let your colleagues and friends know about ‘GeoTag Security’ such that they don’t end up tagging your picture with geo-tags on them and undoing your wish to hide your location.

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How Your Friends Camera Can Sponsor a Break-In Your House

Did you know that those picnics pictures your friends updated in Facebook and tagged you with your sparkling smile can be potentially harmful? Do you know images captured by latest GPS enabled mobile phones and cameras are roadmaps for those looking to follow you or break in your house?

Not many people realize that the latest geo-tagging technology, which makes tagging pictures on the virtual globe as per the location so fun, is a double-edged sword. While it helps you in tagging images on applications such as Google Earth; with improper privacy setting, it can leave important clues of your travelling habits and frequency, leaving you vulnerable to varied risks such as spying, break ins or even stalking.

How Geo Tags Work

The moment you press click, geo tag applications store the spatial location of the image. This means that every picture contains longitudinal as well as latitudinal data, making tracking easier for software such as Google Earth or even the Google search engine. Google uses these geo-tags to identify the region images belong to and thus display them when ever searched.

There is no denying that geo-tags are a boon for those looking for real location pictures, however it has the dark sides as well.
And you need to ensure that you don’t fall prey to them!

How To Avoid Falling Prey To Geo Tags Misuse

It’s simple. Turn off geo tag application in all your image capturing devices. However while you can have this control over your devices, asking someone else to do so might not look appropriate. So what to do then?

Well, you can try using nifty software such as the ‘Geotag Security’. Geotag Security is a powerful software programmed to delete geo-tag information from your computer’s hard disk. The moment you upload any image with geotags on it, the software automatically detects it and deletes the information; thus saving you from many possible accidents.

Remember your safety is your responsibility. If you go out too often and get clicked even more, it is advisable that you suggest your friends software such as ‘Geotag Security’. It won’t only save them a lot of discomfort but ensure that your pictures don’t leave a trail for those waiting in ambush. What’s even better is the software is free of cost and can be downloaded as easily as 1-2-3. So spread the link and be responsible towards your safety.

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Get Smart With GeoTags: Secure Your Home and Your Whereabouts

Don’t you love carrying your latest GPS enabled mobile phones and cameras around, clicking pictures with them and uploading them on social media sites?

But are you aware that such geo-tagged pictures leave a trail of your whereabouts and can be potentially harmful, possible road-maps to your home and location for thieves or stalkers to break-in?

It’s true that with every innovation, made to ease out our life, a monster is born. Technology might be smart but it always leaves room for people to misuse the power it endows.

Geotags are no exceptions!

Invented to help people as well search engines to sort out images on the basis of spatial location, geo-tags have become a potential threat to your safety and a trail of your whereabouts.

Imagine yourself holidaying in France and posting the latest pictures on your blog, which already has one beautiful picture of your home and a nice poem you wrote for it. While you might have several ‘Likes’ and comments on these posts, people who have other intentions see that as a clear heads up that your home is alone and they can break in.

What are the possible fixes?

Turning off geo tagging in your phones or cameras is definitely one way of fixing the potentially lethal situation, however doing it is not too easy. One needs to know where exactly the settings are. Doing this could be novices’ nightmare. Even if ‘settings’ pass the noob-test, what about the old pictures that are already online?

Moreover, when you turn off geo-tags on the image capturing devices, you can’t share spatial information even with trusted people. You have to let go of technology that indeed can make sharing and tagging pictures on the virtual globe more fun.

Therefore what you need is a powerful security software that can delete geo tags from the pictures and ensure that you don’t have to switch the feature off on the mobile phone or the camera. With Geotag Security you can keep a check on geo-tags and ensure that all the pictures on the computer have no geo-tags for others to misuse. The software is a freeware and can ensure that the moment you upload any picture with geotags, the tags are removed.

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