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It all started at August 11, 2010, when I first read an article in NY Times about Adam Savage who had revealed his home address by simply posting a photo of his car in front of his house – a photo with geotags. And I thought – if a host of “MythBusters”, a science show, a person who is supposed to be tech savvy has compromised his privacy, what to say about not so tech savvy users? We are professionals in batch image processing. Can we do something to help people?

And so now – a little more then a month later – here we are. Happy to present you Geotag Security, a program that is intented to help users avoid revealing private information about their location by removing geotags from photos. All you need to do is to scan folder with photos you want to share before uploading them. We did our best to make it clear to understand and easy to use.

Share consciously,
Laisan Shafikova

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